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The Only Person You Can Really Trust Is Yourself! Say Hello To Being In Control Of Your Own Financial Fortunes!


The idea is to get into excellent trades by yourself. Don’t rely on your broker/ guru who needs to make the next payment on his Jag, as he mumbles his way through nonsense recommendations. However, I’m happy to reveal the one person who doesn’t accept gimmicks, mumbling, or the latest nonsense excuses...THAT PERSON IS YOU!

It's common sense trading.

forexgrail setup 

The picture above shows how the trends of individuals are tracked using the Windows FX4Caster charting software. Display one at a time or combinations.

track pairs

 The Forex grail uses a windows stand alone software program called the FX4caster to display strength and weakness for individual currencies. Individual currency trends become distinctly obvious.The ForexGrail trading system comes with the 244 software.


How This Works


Most traders follow two to four pairs at any given time.  But the ForexGrail shows you how to isolate eight individual currencies based on what’s happening with others – at a glance. 

As if that wasn’t simple enough, the Currency Strength Chart used with the system I explain in the ebook, also shows you where to enter and exit a trade.  The only thing it doesn’t do is place the trade for you.


Here’s an example: say the AUD get weak, but the CHF starts to spike with strength.  With the FX4Caster, it’s so obvious it almost screams out at you, “SHORT THE AUD an go long on the CHF – NOW!”  You quickly enter a trade that would have otherwise never occurred to you.  A few moments later, the Meter tells you to cash out with a fat gain.


Here’s the math … with 8 different currencies, you have the potential to combine up to 49 trading pairs!  Now, you don’t have to track 49 signals, just 8.  The Currency Strength Chart does the rest.


It’s like having the same power at your finger tips that the big money managers use … but only at a fraction of the cost. Could any Forex tool be more powerful?


individual currency 


With Forex Grail Strength Trading Your Wins

Will Completely Overpower Any Losses


Look, you’ll never get the whole truth about Forex trading. It doesn't sell to starry eyed fortune seekers. So excuse me for being brutally honest here, but I’m going to be blunt.


Michael Jordan threw the occasional air ball.  Babe Ruth struck out.  Payton Manning sometimes gets intercepted.  Now and then, Tiger Woods blows a shot.


But what makes the Babe, Jordan, Manning, and Tiger great is their ability to put a rare mistake behind them, and follow up with great plays.


Naturally, not every single trade is going to be a winner.  Let’s be honest, when you trade anything, losses are always possible.  What I’m saying is that my traders have followed the directions, and their win/loss ratio is so lopsided that its laughable.  Do you want the real key to success?


How about a Currency Strength Chart to show you when the time is right?


But now there is another decision you need to make...


Are You Ready for a Wealthy Life Style?


trading strip 


Can you imagine the satisfaction and pride you’ll feel when you complete a series of winning trades?  When word gets out to your family and around the neighborhood that you’ve conquered this pinnacle of trading, your life is never going to be the same!


Your golf buddies will ask you for investment tips.  Friends will be flocking around you at backyard barbeques, because they’ll view you as a knowledgeable expert.   Even your boss, if he’s still around, may ask you for money advice.  You’ll enjoy higher levels of self-confidence, and quite possibly a stunning increase in your income too.


When your number of winning trades increases dramatically, so does your ability to rapidly grow your wealth.


So forget the friends and family plan …(The advice that well-meaning but unknowing people give you. With the Forex Grail’s Currency Strength Meter to guide you, you’ll quickly hone in on real trades with laser accuracy. 




Now let me be crystal clear about one thing.  There will be…

No Information Overload, or Extra Fluff


Nothing irrelevant to what you need to use the system.  You don’t need the last 20 years of currency trading, ramblings about monetary theory, etc.  You don’t need tons of indicators, Fibonacci theory, Elliot waves, etc.


Maybe a couple of moving averages.  And I’ll explain those in an afternoon.  Tops.


No experience necessary.


In fact, the less you know coming in, the easier it is to learn.  No assumptions.  No silly theories to unlearn, like stuff like lunar cycles, star constellations, etc. 


All you need is one day to read the eBook, and the Forex Grail to show you the way to immediately start making real money. 


See How Powerful It Is for Yourself!


Too many schemers have capitalized on trader confusion by promising ridiculous returns in a short time period.  And some of those gambler types out there will jump in with both feet, blindly, getting off on the high that goes with a high-profit trade.


Sure, there is some risk, so you should never trade more than you can afford to lose.  And apart from the problem of some adults believing fairy tales that you’ll get rich overnight, are the emotions that can obstruct making careful and thoughtful trading decisions.


That’s why Forex Grail Trading and the Currency strength chart is key to your success, financially.  Because this simple but proven program takes out all the guesswork. All you have to do is turn it on, watch the meter, and get real results.


In fact, quite simply...

There has never been an easier way to trade!


Here’s what you’ll get with your Forex Grail Strength Trading package along with the 2.44 software.


  • When to buy a currency, and more importantly, when sell close to its peak.

  • How the Grail’s rules apply to both long trades and short trades, so you make money if the market is going up or down.

  • Selecting entry, exit, and target points with iron-clad confidence.

  • Why 98% of the people in the market are clueless … how you can join the 2% who makes money consistently.

  • A secret formula to get risk under rock-hard control.

  • Why trading needs to be simple … how not to unnecessarily complicate your Life

  • How to make your trades stay as simple as possible yet ensure the highest yields.

  • Why you can tune out all the BS playing on CNBC and CNN … and trade with real leads.

  • What beginners must get done before getting started.

  • “The strength trend is your friend” is your ticket to massive profits. 


  • How you tell when the trend’s exhausted, so you’re not left holding an empty wallet.

  • Easy to follow, near automatic trading system.

The Windows FX4Caster 2.44 software used in the ForexGrail system uses a Free data feed provided by hundreds of brokers. There are no recurring fees to use it.

244 chart

details 244 


Start Trading Just Like an Expert

It matters not if you are a raw rookie or a seasoned trader.

Whichever level you are at in your trading skills, putting the simple steps of the Forex Grail to work for you today is going to boost your trading skills and skyrocket your accuracy.


You don’t have to be a financial wizard, or a math genius like me. You don’t need to spend years, slowly grinding your way to the top.


The Forex Grail is going to give you the boost you need, so you can jumpstart your trading, reaching your full earning potential.


It’s actually an unfair advantage with secret access to the inside scoop of the

Forex market!


You know, once you’ve felt this power for yourself, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it!  You’ll sleep like a baby at night, relaxing at the ease of your new daytrading decisions.



Why You Owe It to Yourself to Check Out This Opportunity


Here’s what’s up…


You’re probably aware that breakthrough software programs like The FX4Caster have massive time and research invested in them.  You could pay over a thousand dollars a month for a personal mentor or some bogus advisory service. You get the FX4Caster with the ForexGrail trading system! Free!


But if you are drop-dead serious about being able to trade like a pro almost overnight, having the opportunity to boost your trading profits to exciting new highs, and be in control of your financial destiny … the time has come, and that time is now.


If you enroll now, I’ll guarantee the unbelievable bargain-basement price below.


And best yet … no recurring monthly charges!  No data feed charges! No charting fees! Dozens of free data suppliers. No obligations. Hookup free!


The FX4Caster  Currency strength chart covers 8 major currencies


Now think about it for a minute … if you read the Ebook one day, install and start trading the software the next day, how long will it take you to make your money back?  Maybe even the first day?


This software was subject to rigorous testing.  I put it through unique tests that only a trader and developer could.  What this means is that once you’ve installed it on your laptop or desktop, your new opportunities for pinpoint trading is literally at the tips of your fingers 24/7.


So, if you’re debating back and forth if Forex Grail Trading will work for you, let me make it even easier. The Forex Grail gives unlimited keys to the kingdom … you can see it’s worth far more than I’m asking. So order it quick before I change my mind and raise the price.


Fasten your safety belt, you're about to shift your trading skills into high-speed with Forex Grail Trading!

244 meter 3 

Trading strength and weakness is easy.

There is no need for hours of instruction. You will get an eBook with a few movies explaining how to hook up the feed and get started right away.

big pips

The ForexGrail

The bottom line is that we are trading strength against weakness. After reading the ForexGrail, you will look at a currency for what it is.

Once I clear away some of the smoke, I will tell you exactly how to beat the market makers legally and consistently. The system relies on fundamental forces of movement beyond anything Forex brokers can control. It’s easy to follow and simple to learn. The opportunities are huge.

This system will change your life. Read the book, watch the movies and follow the directions, then presto. No learning curve. This works with all brokers or pair charts.

Signals present themselves several times a day on a variety of pairs.

The data feed to run the Chart is free!

 The essence of the ForexGrail trading system will take less than an hour to understand. No matter what your previous experience or knowledge.     


Covers all 8 major currencies

It works on demos and live accounts.

Works with all Microsoft operating systems

Version 2.44 FX4Caster Software with ForexGrail system ebook.



The Forexgrail trading system ebook

FX4Caster 2.44 windows software program

Full support by email or web

2 Movies on how to setup the free data feed and get started immediately.

You own this software. Nothing extra to buy. Dozens of  free data sources .

"10 Days to make it pay" money back guarantee!

forexgrail system strength meter

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Only $59.95 USD

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10 day guarantee

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currencies  strength stripesignal cross


There’s no safer, faster, or more logical method of banking big profits than using this program to pick out what to trade and when.  I’m offering to you a simple tool that lets you shortcut your way to the big money, and at the same time, protects you from all the crooked brokers, deceitful banks, and Forex scam artists.


Best yet, it takes about one day to learn.  If that.  It’s the absolute best way to make profits in today’s uncertain times. 


It’s the Next Best Thing to a Crystal Ball!


The Forex Grail and the currency strength chart is so simple to use.  Yet it’s extremely powerful.  It does all the work for you; all you have to do is make a quick match of any one of the 7 other currencies.  And even then, it’s pointed out which ones are strong or weak. Armed with this new breakthrough in trading technology, you’ll easily anticipate which combination of currencies are going to move where, allowing you to swoop in and capture huge moves.


You’ll be shocked at how easy it is to make big money using this.


     I can't thank you enough for the grail. This is like working an arcade with many eyes on the charts. We know there is no way to watch a dozen charts when you work alone. This baby is like adding 10 extra pairs of eyes. It has kept me out of bad trades I know in my heart I would have taken without it. It also keeps me from bailing out on a good trade too early. It is a fantastic tool and I have certainly improved the ROI with it.

Just made 54 pips in 49 minutes pairing the GBPCHF using the grail. Love it. Been using it about 6 weeks on the demo account and thinking about moving to a real account. When you follow the rules it's really hard to lose. Thanks. The Grail is truly a fitting name for this tool. Thanks from the bottom of my heart!



Make a smart trading decision, and get started right now!  Click on the ordering link!

P.S.  How excited would you be to start trading as good as the pros do within 2 days with The Forex Grail?  Order this breakthrough, easy-to-use software now and get started right away.  Because if you don’t have it, you’re at the risk of the Forex industry liars and cheats.


PPS I want to be crystal clear about this: The FX4caster is a professional level tool like the big money managers use.  It’s not some cheesy info product you’d download from C-Net or Tucows for free … and barely worth it  Plus, it’s not from some fly-by-night Forex crackpot who’ll disappear in 5 months.  I’ve been working online with my clients for 10 years.  You can count on my continued support.


PPPS. Tomorrow, you’ll be kicking yourself if you didn’t buy it today.  It could pay for itself by then!  And the rest is gravy… Just think, you can be sitting in front of your computer tomorrow with a big smile on your face.




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