Tradetime Products Presents The Currency Strength Chart 2.44 CSM


 A Forex Trading Tool  specifically designed to separate currency pairs.



244 meter 1

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244 strength chart

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The 2.44 is a full featured Windows software program.






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244 chart


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How is the FX4Caster different ? It is a Windows software charting program!

  • Displays Individual line

  • Currency combinations

  •  Export strength data to a spreadsheet

  • Adjustable timing 1 second to 600 Minutes

  • Choose your own MT4 Free data supplier

  • These are Features you need to succeed

  • Auto-save your favourite colour combinations.

  • Works with WIN 8, VISTA, WIN7 (32 or 64 bit.)

This is not an chart attachment or EA. And best yet …

No recurring charges!  No data feed charges!  You own the software.

  Includes the Forex Strength trading system eBook called the ForexGrail

fx book           

No recurring fees. You own it!
Choose your own data provider!
Use it on as many computers as you own


Only $69.95 USD

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  • The Forexgrail trading system ebook

  • FX4Caster 2.44 software program

  • Full support and members area

Full movie on how to setup the free data feed and get started immediately.

You own this software. Nothing extra to buy. Dozens of  free data sources .

Includes the amazing 58 page ebook called The ForexGrail


You have our exclusive "10 Days to make it Pay" Money Back Guarantee!

If you do not think the FX4Caster is the greatest tool you have ever used for forex trading or get 100% of your money refunded with no questions!

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 Frequently Asked Questions


How is the 2.44 different than the free meters?


First of all the 2.44 is a windows software program as well as a charting platform with user adjustable colour and graphing. Its not a plugin or web based meter type.


There are dozens of brokers waiting to give you free data and all details are provided in the members only section upon purchase.



Just thought I'd share with you my experience so far. Every day this week I have found that the meter and XXX  give a few good trades anywhere from 17:30 to around 20:00 Australian time. These trades so far have given anywhere from 30 pips all the way to about 80+ pips profit with about an absolute max of 20pips in the red including spread. So so far, I would have made on average of 100pips up to almost 180pips profit every night which is great.  


There’s no safer, faster, or more logical method of banking big profits than using this program to pick out what to trade and when.  I’m offering to you a simple tool that lets you shortcut your way to the big money, and at the same time, protects you from all the crooked brokers, deceitful banks, and Forex scam artists.


I have been using the spreadsheet version of the forex grail for about 4-5 months now and finally after two years of unprofitable trading, I am showing consistent and significant profits. I absolutely owe it all to using the meter as my edge, so I am a firm believer in it.


Best yet, it takes about one day to learn.  If that.  It’s the absolute best way to make profits in today’s uncertain times.




It’s the Next Best Thing to a Crystal Ball!


The Forex Grail is so simple to use.  Yet it’s extremely powerful.  It does all the work for you; all you have to do is make a quick match of any one of 7 different currencies.  And even then, it’s pointed out which ones are strong or weak. Armed with this new breakthrough in trading technology, you’ll easily anticipate which combination of currencies are going to move where, allowing you to swoop in and capture huge moves.


You’ll be shocked at how easy it is to make big money using this.


     I can't thank you enough for the grail meter. This is like working an arcade with many eyes on the charts. We know there is no way to watch a dozen charts when you work alone. This baby is like adding 10 extra pairs of eyes. It has kept me out of bad trades I know in my heart I would have taken without it. It also keeps me from bailing out on a good trade too early. It is a fantastic tool and I have certainly improved the ROI with it.

Just made 54 pips in 49 minutes pairing the GBPCHF using the grail. Love it. Been using it about 6 weeks on the demo account and thinking about moving to a real account. When you follow the rules it's really hard to lose. Thanks. The Grail is truly a fitting name for this tool. Thanks from the bottom of my heart!



P.S.  How excited would you be to start trading as good as the pros do within 2 days with The Forex Grail?  Order this breakthrough, easy-to-use software now and get started right away.  Because if you don’t have it, you’re at the risk of the Forex industry liars and cheats.


PPS I want to be crystal clear about this: The Forex Grail is a professional level tool like the big money managers use.  It’s not some cheesy info product you’d download from C-Net or Tucows for twenty bucks … and barely worth it  Plus, it’s not from some fly-by-night Forex crackpot who’ll disappear in 5 months.  I’ve been working online with my students for 8 years.  You can count on my continued support.


PPPS. Tomorrow, you’ll be kicking yourself if you didn’t buy it today.  It could pay for itself by then!


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