This Currency Strength Chart Splits 26 forex pairs displays 8 individual currencies.

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The FX4Caster Currency Strength Chart/Meter

There are all kinds of  technical indicators given out by your forex broker, but no-one offers the ability to see how the individual currencies are doing. None!

Below is the meter portion of the standalone software program.


It is more than a simple meter! Its a user customizable chart.

The FX4Caster, allows you to pick and choose sources of data. Not only that, but you have complete control over the look and feel. You decide on the timing and sample rates and which currencies are fed into it.



Strength Level Alarms for every currency

 This is a standalone windows software program that uses free data from any of dozens of sources.

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It allows a  currency trader to see for themselves how strong or weak an individual currency is.

Just follow a couple of rules outlined in the ForexGrail eBook that comes with the strength chart and you are ready to make more money trading forex or binaries than you have ever dreamed possible.



How This Works


Most traders follow two to four pairs at any given time.  But the Forex Grail isolates eight individual currencies.  It shows you their strengths and weaknesses, based on what’s happening with other currencies – at a glance. As if that wasn’t simple enough, the Currency Strength Meter used with the system I explain in the ebook also shows you where to enter and exit a trade. 

individual currency

With Forex Grail Trading Your Wins

Will Completely Overpower Any Losses

This is software that you use with your brain.

Run multiple copies of this program on as many computers as you own!

Currency strength trading is a common sense approach to fx trading that never fails to astound people. I will provide you with a 60 page, no-fluff eBook explaining how to make this tool work for you immediately.

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In fact, quite simply...


There has never been an easier way to trade!

The FX4caster has alarms for 8 currencies.

It saves your colour preferences. 

It is window size-adjustable

You get to choose the time periods and display

You choose the data source.

License includes up to 7 copies of the software.

 A unique feature of this software is the ability to export the strength data to a spreadsheet or other programs for analysis.  


Once the FX4Caster is hooked up to any of dozens of free data feeds, it will tell you how many forex pairs that provider has available for the strength calculations. You can select from multiple feeds easily!

pair count

This Windows software program is completely different from freebie currency strength chart websites or add-ons. With the FX4Caster software, you enter a professional phase where you have all the control.

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And best yet … no recurring monthly charges!  No data feed charges! No charting fees! 


It covers all 8 major currencies


Now think about it for a minute … if you read the Ebook one day, install and start trading the software the next day, how long will it take you to make your money back?  Maybe even the first day?  This software was subject to rigorous testing.  I put it through unique tests that only a trader and developer could.  What this means is that once you’ve installed it on your windows laptop or desktop, your new opportunities for trading is literally at the tips of your fingers 24/7.





Trading strength and weakness is easy. You just look at the currency strength chart and follow the lines. It's common sense!

Displays 8 major currencies

It works on demos and live accounts.

Works with all Windows operating systems

Superpowers all trading systems and methods.

This is an essential companion to all forex trading systems.




This FX4Caster/Forexgrail Package Includes:

Software - E-Book - Movies

forexgrail system 

 Movies on how to setup the free data feed and get started immediately. You own this software for life. Nothing extra to buy. Dozens of  free data sources .

     The bottom line is that we are trading strength against weakness. After reading the included ebook, you will look at a currency for what it is. Once I clear away some of the smoke, I will tell you exactly how to beat the market makers legally and consistently.  

    The system relies on fundamental forces of movement beyond anything Forex brokers can control. It’s easy to follow and simple to learn. The opportunities are huge. This system will change your life. Read the book, watch the movies and follow the directions, then presto. No learning curve. This works with all brokers or pair charts.

It’s the perfect trading system. Anyone capable of reading, can follow it.

Signals present themselves several times a day on a variety of pairs.

The data feed to run the meter is free. Forever!





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One time software purchase. No recurring fees. Lifetime activation. Free data from dozens of sources.

Order Now For $89.99 $49.00
One Time Payment - NO Monthly Charges!

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My Guarantee...If you aren't satisfied for Any Reason, simply let me know within
 60 days 
and I'll refund your purchase. No questions asked!

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Frequently Asked Questions


How is the 2.44 different than the free or less expensive meters?


First of all the 2.44 is a windows software program that has a chart and allows full colour and graphing capabilities. You can send the collected data to a spreadsheet as well as view a full list of each pair used in the calculations. You also have complete control of the data source.


The others are either tick by tick meters ( Not charts) or they install inside a price chart as an EA. On the surface, they compute the same except for the variety of pairs they sample and how fleeting the numbers are. It would be irresponsible to put thousands of dollars on the line, based on the erroneous readings from an instrument that changes every few seconds. You need a chart to see trends and activity. Using cheap or free products carry their own hazards and going with cheap and inferior tools in a multimillion dollar business could lead to disaster.



Can I run the software on my laptop and desktop windows machines?


Yes. You can run multiple copies for all the computers you own.


What is the Forexgrail and what is the FX4Caster?


The ForexGrail is the trading system we use with the currency strength chart and the FX4Caster 2.44 is the software program.


What about the MT4 data suppliers. Can I get it to work in my country?


There is a list of suppliers that work well with our software on the technical install and troubleshooting page here.


Email me with any questions you may have.


244 csm

I have been developing currency strength tools for seven years and have already built an impressive list of happy clients from around the world.  Just so I am upfront with you, I market two Currency Strength Charting products. My premium software charting platform is called the AccuStrength and is used mostly by people who already have an appreciation for currency strength trading.







There’s no safer, faster, or more logical method of banking big profits than using this program to pick out what to trade and when.  I’m offering to you a simple tool that lets you shortcut your way to the big money in forex or binaries.


 It’s not some cheesy free product you’d download from C-Net or Tucows for free … and barely worth it  Plus, it’s not from some fly-by-night Forex crackpot who’ll disappear in 5 months.  I’ve been working online with my clients for 10 years.  You can count on my continued support.


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