forex strength meter

These sheet meters let you see at a glance which currencies are running high or low. The action menu tells you which currency pairs are at extremes with the number of red arrows representing which pairs are down and green for going up.

The daily pip travel is a good guide to let me know when certain pairs are most likely exhausted by measuring how many pips a certain currency has moved since the broker began the new day.

Click here to download simple spreadsheet currency strength meter.

You must have a demo or real MT4 account in order to send data to the spreadsheet. Here is a link to a free demo account from AvaFX. A great broker.


Click here for a demo MT4 trading account.

You must drive the sheet with MT4 Data. You can use the same one as you have for the FX4Caster.

Here is a movie showing me running the larger spreadsheet but the ideas are the same.

You must use MicroSoft Excel. (Any version) I had open office working on it so you can try to get it running with something else.

You must have an MT4 platform running with the DDE enabled (See below)

The program will not display until the DDE feed from MT4 is enabled. Under Tools, select Options then you will see this tab  window. Enable DDE

instruction fxmeter



This chart above is more complex and requires a lot of study before trading with it. The sheet below is better to use in the beginning. You can easily launch as many sheets as you want.

Click here for a Free data MT4 platform from AVATrade

avatrade mt4 demo

Currency either goes up or down in price from where you enter the market. Binary

Keep in mind this is a tool. not a trading system or methodology.

It will show you how the various individuals are measuring up against each other in real time


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If you are getting lack of movement on certain currencies  or errors it is your MT4 broker not supplying you with enough pairs to make the measurements , or they use a different coding arrangement that does not work with the spreadsheet.  Use the MT4 that is linked above. You can use and alias to register. Just use it for now as your data source. You can run several copies of the MT4 program on your computer at one time as long as you lonly have DDE enabled on the copy you are feeding the Chart with.  The platform must be running before you try to launch the spreadsheet. Once the Excel program is started, you will have to click the "allow data" box in order for it to begin accumulating.