This FX Currency Strength Chart Displays 8 individual currencies.


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 The FX4Caster is a windows software program that uses free data sources.

see the fx4caster movie link below.

Click here to view the Youtube movie about FX4Caster. A new window will launch.

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This Windows software program is completely different from freebie currency strength chart websites or add-ons.

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Trading strength and weakness is easy. You need the right tools for the job!





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pay with credit card
Everything is downloadable immediately.
Dissects 8 Individuals from 26 pairs.
Lifetime license.
No recurring fees.
Dozens of free MT4 data sources.
Works on all versions of Windows.

10 days money back guarantee




Frequently Asked Questions


How is the 2.44 different than the free meters?


First of all the 2.44 is a windows software program that has a chart and allows full colour and graphing capabilities. You can send the collected data to a spreadsheet as well as view a full list of each pair used in the calculations. You also have complete control of the data source.


The others are either tick by tick meters ( Not charts) or they install inside a price chart as an EA. On the surface, they compute the same except for the variety of pairs they sample and how fleeting the numbers are. You need a chart to see trends and activity. Using cheap or free products carry their own hazards.



Can I run the software on my laptop and desktop windows machines?


Yes. You can run multiple copies for all the computers you own. All Windows computer operating systems from XP to WIN 10.


What is the Forexgrail and what is the FX4Caster?


The ForexGrail is the trading system we use with the currency strength chart and the FX4Caster 2.44 is the software program.


What about the MT4 data suppliers. Can I get it to work in my country?


There is a list of suppliers that work well with our software on the technical install and troubleshooting page

There is a switch inside all MT4 platforms called a DDE. We explain how to turn it on to send data to the FX4Caster software on your desktop. The FX4caster can use most brokers and platforms running MT4 but we provide links and suggestions on our members page for others.

You get to choose the time periods and display

You choose the data source.

 A unique feature of this software is the ability to export the strength data to a spreadsheet or other programs for analysis. 


 Run multiple copies of this program on as many computers as you own!


There is no safer, faster, or more logical method of banking big profits than using this program to pick out what to trade and when.  I am offering to you a simple tool that lets you shortcut your way to the big money in forex or binaries.


 It is not some cheesy free product you download from C-Net or Tucows for free and barely worth it  Plus, it is not from some fly-by-night Forex crackpot who will disappear in 5 months.  I have been working online with my clients for 12 years.  You can count on my continued support.


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