fx4caster 2.44 CSM
Works with Windows (all versions)

This CSM ( currency strength meter) is software designed for fx It is a simple, yet powerful windows software program that installs to your desktop. The FX4caster version 2.44 will work for all versions of the windows operating system.


A currency strength chart takes dozens of forex pairs and rips them into individual 8 currencies. By observing the  lines on the strength chart, and paying attention to the patterns they produce as single currencies, you will get a whole new perspective on the forex market.

A currency strength meter with chart like the FX4Caster works along with all trading systems and brokers. It gives you an edge by expanding your awareness of the market. Win more consistently than ever before. Each currency strength line represents all the pressures and activity exerted on that particular currency. In other words, strength.  

forexgrail setup

fx4caster displaying currencies strength

244 chart


The strength chart will show details meters just can't show. The currency chart examines every detail.

seeing is believing

One time purchase. Dozens of Free data sources.

Designed for all currency trading systems

Superpowers all systems.

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FX4Caster 2.44 Currency Strength Charting Platform Software


Make it pay for itself in 7 days or your money back.

Can I run the currency meter software on my laptop and desktop windows machines?

Yes. You can run multiple copies for all the computers you own. This is a windows program but can be run on other operating systems using emulators. 


What about the data suppliers. Can I get it to work in my country?

All MT4 platforms have a DDE located inside their platforms that command it to send data to a thirty party like our software program. There is a list of MT4 broker suppliers that work well with our software on the install page and there are over 300 potential suppliers of MT4 trading platforms. Also, if your specific MT4 doesn't work with the software, you can use another and only enable the DDE in one. Remember, this software is only designed for the beginner on a forex demo trading account. All the details and simple install movies will guide even the most inexperienced hands.

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 Its not some cheesy free forex strength tool you download from C-Net or Tucows for free and barely worth it  Plus, its not from some fly-by-night Forex crackpot who will disappear in 5 months.  Ive been working on line with my clients for 12 years.  You can count on my continued support.

fx4caster 244

FX4Caster csm


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FX4Caster 2.44 Currency Strength Charting Platform Software:


Comes with trading system Forexgrail ebook and getting started movies.

My Guarantee...Make it pay for itself in seven days or your money back. yes. seven days is long enough. In fact, one day is long enough to realize your potential when using this valuable addition to your toolbox.  You will fall in love with this amazing tool.