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The image above shows the free currency strength meter viewed in MS Excel. All it needs for input is the DDE signals provided by just about any MT4 platform. There is a movie showing how to set up your MT4 platform for sending out DDE data. All free! Enter your name and email address to send you the downloading and installation instructions.


FX4Caster Currency Strength Chart and TrueTrend strength meter.


Currency strength meter overview. This is a charting platform using Windows software.

244 currency meter
Windows currency meter 2.44 using forex strength.

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The windows software program FX4Caster currency strength meter is designed to run using a free DDE feed that is contained within all versions of the MT4 trading platform. You can use your own MT4 for data or add another from one of the dozens of free suppliers out there. MT4 is the worlds most popular platform and they all have DDE capabilities.
There are a few caveats on the MT4 broker selection process. Tiny mini-accounts and MT4 brokers who are not following standards of data transmission through MT4 will not work. In that case, just use a demo account from one of the larger and more recognized brokers with MT4. There are lots out there. You can run several copies of MT4 from various brokers at the same time. Just turn one DDE on.  OandaFX gives a free demo MT4 account that is unlimited time.
There are dozens of brokers using the MT4 platform that will run perfectly with the software. The MT4 provides the feed free to all users both demo and real. Data provider selection is huge and this program doesn't have any monthly fees.

The FX4Caster lets you activate up to 4 extra computers to run this software.

7 Day money back guarantee.

Runs using free data provided by all MT4 platforms. Demo or Real.
Also included in the getting serious FX Traders package,
currency strength meter
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Purchase the FX4Caster currency strength meter with chart today and get the Truetrend currency strength excel sheet free. This program works from the same DDE source used for the FX4Caster. Click the picture above for a new window.



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